IT Career: Invest in Yourself

Most Engineers today graduate with a dream to start their IT Career, however most of them fail to realize their dreams due to multitude reasons. Read on to know what industry experts tell you about opportunities in the IT Industry.

IT Career
Every year 1.5 to 1.7 million engineering graduates dream to be a part of the IT workforce and IT industry with no or minimal guidance from the industry. These freshers have minimal chance of succeeding in their IT Career. A recent study revealed that only 20% of the fresh graduates are employable and rest 80% of them need intervention to improve their skills or the right guidance to succeed.
#WhatIndustryWants is a joint initiative of TalentSprint and The Hindu to mbridge skill the gap between the IT Industry and soon-to-be professionals. This monthly event provides the necessary exposure for fresh graduates on what career opportunity lies ahead for them in the IT Industry and how to start their IT career. The distinguished speakers at this event not only have outstanding industry perspective, but also understand the ground realities in Indian colleges and universities.
We may not like to admit it, but cannot run away from the fact that there is a huge demand and supply gap in terms of the number of freshers in the IT Industry. They absorption capacity of the IT Industry today is 10 times lesser than the number of engineers graduating every year. Owing to this a large number of colleges today have meager or no placements, and this makes it an ideal platform for both- the colleges and the freshers, to hear from the stalwarts of the IT Industry about the do’s and don’ts that will set them apart.
IT Career
The format of the event is that the Industry captains address fresh graduates on what the industry expects from their new recruits as they start their career and how the IT industry is changing and what are the new trends emerging, both with the Indian and Global perspective.
The first event in the series was held on 17th June in IIIT Auditorium where Mr. Narshima Rao, Executive Vice President Infosys, addressed the freshers. He gave the freshers a clear insight of how freshers need to adapt to the changing and evolving IT industry. He called these times as the ‘era of connected things’ where all products and gadgets are connected, thanks to Internet of Things. Citing the Moore’s Law- the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit will double approximately every two years and this trend will continue into the foreseeable future, he said this has been surpassed by leaps and bounds over the last 52 years and will only strengthen in the future.
He agreed that yes, automation is reducing the number of jobs in the IT Industry but all these are mundane jobs that required relentless manual labour. However there are also tons of new problems to solve out there, which implies that there are jobs related to them. So freshers looking to start their IT career, need to invest in themselves in terms of skill because the need for talent is increasing.


One regularly needs to reinvent themselves by learning, unlearning and relearning- like Alan Toffler has said. This investment in oneself can be by enrolling for a skill development program, learning a new technology or simply upgrading the existing skillset. Mr. Rao urged freshers to look for careers and not just jobs as they widen the horizon of their knowledge and skills.
IT Career
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